Gallery: Boilers and heat pumps on the before – after photos

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Pred realizaci - TuzarPo realizaci - Tuzar

Replacement of the old coal boiler by the new NIBE heat pump F2040 with VVM indoor unit

Stara kotelna AtmosNova kotelna od Kacirka

Replacement of the old ATMOS boiler with the new unit, with water accumulation tank and electronic regulator JER-1.

Pred realizaci - DittrichPo realizaci - Dittrich

Replacement of the old OPOP H4 boiler with modern NIBE F2120-12 heat pump

Pred realizaci - TaborskyPo realizaci - Taborsky

Replacement of the old coal Dakon DOR24 by new automatic wood pellet Atmos boiler

Prazdna technicka mistnost na novostavbeTechnicka mistnost s technologii NIBE v novostavbe

Installatinon of NIBE technology in the newly developed house. Outdoor heat pump F2040 unit, hot water tank and NIBE ERS recuperation unit.

Tepelne cerpadlo NIBE F2120-12Montaz tepelneho cerpadla NIBE F2120-12

Installation of the NIBE F2120 heta pump and the hot water tank